Superlight Hunting Rings

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Shipping is FREE to the USA on any order above $180. This includes all rings and bipod orders.

Shipping to Canada is $40USD.

Duties & Taxes - USA

US Customs and Border Protection may, at their full discretion, apply taxes and duties to imports above $800. If you are placing an order for $800 you should expect to pay import taxes and duties including but not necessarily limited to 3% for bipods and 17% for scope mounts, on any single order over $800.

Taxes and Duties are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.


Size Weight
25mm Medium 106g / 3.73oz
30mm Low 112g / 3.95oz
30mm Medium 124g / 4.37oz
30mm High 142g / 5.00oz
30mm Extra High 160g / 5.64oz
34mm Medium 108g / 3.80oz
34mm High 126g / 4.44oz
34mm Extra High 142g / 5.00oz
35mm Medium 110g / 3.88oz
36mm Medium 104g / 3.66oz
40mm Medium 128g / 4.51oz
40mm High 148g / 5.22oz

Picatinny Scope Mounts

These Superlight Hunting Rings are tough, extremely lightweight and accurate - for first shot kills on any hunting expedition.

We've tested these rings on Ibex hunts in Central Asia with .300 caliber rifles and they've performed faultlessly. Designed for hunting in extreme conditions, or any lightweight shooting application where weight and a rock solid scope position is critical. 

Due to the advanced nature of their engineering, these rings also perform very well in other shooting disciplines and will noticeably outperform most heavier weight rings sets. 

Machined in matching pairs to 3 microns tolerance so MUST NOT BE LAPPED. 

Available in all common sizes including the hugely popular 30mm up to 40mm scope rings for longer range optics such as the Swarovski DS, and a range of different heights. Read below for more information.

If you have a higher recoiling rifle, or need a six-screw rings or monolithic mount, use the navigation bar at the top of this page to view our heavier-duty mounts. 


  • Manufactured from high grade 7075T6 aluminium
  • No lapping required - perfectly matched pairs
  • 25.4mm-30mm-35mm-36mm and 40mm scope rings available in multiple heights
  • 34mm scope rings available in three heights
  • Four screw ring caps for secure optic mounting
  • Mill spec 30 micron hard anodised finish
  • One hit machining to ensure repeatability
  • Built in anti-cant bubble
  • Supplied complete with Torx bits

You also get our lifetime warranty on parts and defects, and our 30 day return policy. 

All Superlight Hunting Rings have 0MOA incline (no built in incline). These are two piece scope rings, and the price is for both rings as a set. 


When you buy from Tier One we want you to have a quality product that lasts a lifetime. That’s why we invest in the highest quality materials available for all of our products.

These Picatinny Scope Rings are manufactured from solid 7075T6 aluminum, an aerospace alloy that offers one of the highest strength to weight ratios of any alloy currently available.

The screws we use in these scope mounts are manufactured by us, in house, to our own exact specifications, so they match the product perfectly and result in zero accuracy loss.

These materials are the finest available and combined with the rings’ efficient and elegant design they will offer you the maximum weight saving possible with the absolute maximum accuracy and repeatability of any rifle scope mount on the market right now.


We use high tech 5 axis CNC milling machines and advanced manufacturing and finishing processes to ensure that every possible inaccuracy or loss of tolerance is eliminated in the making of these scope rings.

The ring pair is milled at the same time from the same solid billet of aluminium, and the whole process is completed in one operation. What this means for you is a pair of rings that are perfectly matched to each other, and which have not suffered any loss of accuracy due to resetting machines.

Most mass-manufactured AR & Rifle scope mounts are produced on inferior machinery in multiple operations, which means the rings and tools are moved out of alignment each time a new piece of the ring-set is machined, resulting in huge losses of accuracy across the whole process. We do not do this. This means a much more accurate, repeatable mounting system for you, and more repeatable accuracy downrange.

Additionally, every set of picatinny scope rings is mechanically deburred in a machine using hundreds of ceramic cones to achieve a perfectly smooth finish before anodising in hard black 30 micron thickness, and the logo is also fully anodised resulting in a blacked-out look.


These rings are designed to be mounted to a standard picatinny rail. Torque settings for all of our rings are available on the data sheet below (see the link at the bottom of this text), these are also printed onto the bottom of each ring set.

We have many different types of rifle scope mounts available so if you require a different adapter type, ring size, height or a one piece scope mount please see our other products using the drop down menu above.


We recommend torquing these rings to 18in/lbs because some scope manufacturers make their scopes from soft materials. Torquing any higher could cause marking or other damage to the scope tube. 

If you're torquing these rings to 18in/lbs then we recommend not using them with magnum calibers.

For magnum caliber rifles we highly recommend our one-piece mounting system, the Monomount. Or, the Tactical Rings, which are based on the Short Saddle mono but come in a two-piece format. Both have a much larger scope contact area. 

If you are happy that your scope is manufactured from a strong enough material to resist the extra pressure then you can, entirely at your own risk, torque them up to 26in/lbs as we do when using them on Magnum caliber rifles. 

IMPORTANT: You MUST check with your scope manufacturer before you do this and we take no responsibility if you mark or otherwise damage your scope tube.


Are you looking for 1 inch picatinny scope rings? We make the highest quality 1 inch rings available anywhere. The Picatinny Rings are the only model in our range that go to 1".


Whether you need tall scope mounts for AR setups or shorter rings for a more streamlined hunting rifle rig, you should be able to find what you want here.

What size scope ring do I need?

Please see the attached data sheet (at the bottom of this page) for a breakdown of all critical dimensions which will help you identify which size scope ring you require.

The bore height of 30mm Low is 22mm - this is not on the datasheet.


All orders are dispatched next business day by express courier, and tracking numbers provided within 48 hours of despatch. Any order over $180 qualifies for free shipping anywhere in the mainland USA.

Shipping should take between 2-4 business days from despatch, depending on the delivery location, and is fully trackable door to door.


We offer a lifetime guarantee on parts and defects, and you also have our 30 day return policy for peace of mind.


Tier One has pioneered shooting accessory designs since our inception in 2008. We have consistently developed innovative new products for the market and have always used the finest materials available in our products.

Our ongoing partnership with Zeiss USA is recognition of our years of hard work and quality in manufacture: We were chosen out of hundreds of manufacturers worldwide to design and manufacture Zeiss USA’s own line of ultra high precision scope mounts, available now on their website.

Additionally, Tier One has also pioneered carbon fiber products in the shooting industry, being responsible for one of the first and most commercially successful precision carbon fiber bipod designs. We have continued to develop and innovate and the result is the industry-leading range of Tier One Bipods.


Mounting Instructions