One Piece Scope Mount

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1. Why choose a one-piece scope mount for long-range shooting?

A one-piece scope mount offers superior stability and alignment compared to two-piece setups. This integral design ensures that the scope remains consistently aligned with your rifle, critical for long-range accuracy. Its robust structure reduces the risk of movement or loosening, providing a reliable platform for precision shooting.

What size options are available for these scope mounts, and how do I choose?

Our one-piece scope mounts come in sizes including 30mm, 34mm, 35mm, 36mm, and 40mm to accommodate a wide range of scope diameters. The choice depends on your scope's tube diameter; it's crucial to match the mount size exactly with your scope for optimal fit and stability.

Can you explain the significance of 0MOA/20MOA and 0MIL/6MIL options in these mounts?

The 0MOA/0MIL option means the mount is level, ideal for shooting at shorter ranges where elevation adjustment isn't critical. The 20MOA/6MIL option provides built-in elevation, beneficial for long-range shooting as it allows the scope to utilize more of its elevation adjustment range, enabling you to shoot out to longer distances.

What advantages do one-piece scope mounts offer for long-range hunting?

For long-range hunting, a one-piece scope mount is invaluable. It maintains zero under the recoil and the rigors of hunting environments. Its solid construction ensures your scope stays firmly in place, providing consistent shot placement. The mount's resilience to environmental stressors like temperature and humidity changes is also a significant advantage in diverse hunting conditions.

How do I install and maintain my one-piece scope mount?

Installation involves securely attaching the mount to your rifle's rail and then affixing your scope within the mount rings. It's essential to follow the manufacturer's torque specifications for tightening. Maintenance is minimal; regular checks for tightness and alignment, especially after rugged use, will ensure lasting performance. Check out the torque settings on each product page for more information, and be sure not to exceed your scope manufacturer's recommended settings without their express approval. Not all scopes are built tough enough to take the extra torque.

Are these mounts suitable for all types of rifles and shooting disciplines?

Absolutely. Our one-piece scope mounts are versatile and compatible with a wide range of rifles, making them suitable for various shooting disciplines, including long-range target shooting, hunting, and tactical applications. The key is to choose the correct size and MOA/MIL specification for your specific rifle and shooting style.