What's the Best Bipod for Me?


This graphic should help you choose the best bipod for your shooting application from Tier One's range. 

Please note that the ATAC Bipod is best suited for NRL Hunter weight rifles. 

Here is a textual description of the chart above:

The Tactical Bipod is the best bipod for tactical applications, run and gun, and is also very well suited to hunting and extreme mountain hunting due to it's light weight and high strength to weight ratio. It is also the best bipod for picatinny rifles and currently does not come with an Arca adapter as standard. All the adapters are interchangeable.

The Evolution Bipod is the best bipod for hunting and is also used by elite military units in a tactical capacity, like the Tactical Bipod. The low centre of recoil makes it an incredibly reliable and high performing companion on hunts. This bipod also comes as standard with M Lok, Picatinny or Keymod adapters. The adapters on this bipod are not interchangeable. 

The ATAC Bipod is the best bipod for NRL Hunter as it is lightweight and highly versatile, incorporating a wide splay, forward rake (like the Tactical & Evolution bipods) and an Arca adapter with pan and tilt as standard. It is a lightweight bipod with a high strength to weight ratio which makes it ideal for the weight limited NRL Hunter competitions. All the adapters are interchangeable.

The ELR Bipod is the best bipod for PRS - it comes with an Arca adapter as standard and is a larger, heavier bipod than the other 3 before it. At approximately 17oz it is still light enough to hunt with and many of our customers do just that, but it will also cope with the heavier PRS rifles better than the other 3. It has a huge footprint, and highly versatile movement. It is a folding bipod which makes it an excellent bipod for ELR matches that stipulate a folding bipod. 

The FTR Bipod is the best bipod for F Class competition. There are two versions, aluminium and full carbon fiber legs - the carbon fiber FTR bipod is the larger of the two with a simply massive footprint. It is the highest performance F Class bipod available on the market right now with a large height adjustment range, precise capstan wheel adjustment, and interchangeable adapters including Arca, Picatinny, Anschutz, Sling Stud and Freeland.