Best Bipods for Extreme Mountain Hunting and Big Game Hunting in 2023

As a passionate hunter, you surely understand the importance of having the right equipment when facing the rugged terrain and unpredictable conditions of extreme mountain and big game hunting. If you don't, well, let me just tell you it's going to be physically challenging, and you need gear you can rely on to just work. 


One essential piece of gear is a reliable, sturdy, and versatile bipod. With so many options on the market, finding the perfect one can be challenging.

That's why we've compiled a list of the best bipods for hunting, focusing on their capabilities and benefits in relation to extreme mountain hunting and big game hunting specifically.


  1. ATAC Bipod by Tier One: The Ultimate Hunting Companion

Our top pick is the new ATAC Bipod by Tier One. This innovative bipod has just been released and is currently only available in the US through our site, The ATAC Bipod boasts an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, thanks to its carbon fiber and 7075T6 construction - true aerospace materials. This lightweight yet versatile and sturdy design allows hunters to trek lighter and further on their expeditions.

The ATAC Bipod offers unmatched versatility with interchangeable adapters for Arca, Picatinny, and Blaser R8 rifles. With over 1200 leg positions, it provides unparalleled stability on any terrain. The wide leg splay, switchable feet, and pan and tilt (cant) features make it the best bipod for hunting in extreme mountain conditions, as well as in match settings, and there really is nothing else on the market that covers so many bases with absolutely zero compromise in performance in any environment. It is a masterpiece of precision engineering in the shooting industry.

ATAC Bipod for hunting

  1. Tier One Evolution Carbon Fiber Bipod: Lightweight and Durable

The Tier One Evolution Carbon Fiber Bipod is another excellent choice for hunters looking for a lightweight and sturdy bipod. Again, made from high grade carbon fiber and aerospace 7075t6 alloy ensures durability and a reduced overall weight, allowing you to cover more ground with less fatigue. This bipod is perfect for big game hunting, where every ounce counts.

It has a unique U-shaped yoke that lowers the centre of recoil for your rifle. This is not a gimmick - it was designed for snipers and long range shooters specifically - you'll notice a reduction in muzzle lift and it can be exceptional useful for spotting your shots when combined with a good muzzle brake. 

The movement is also uniquely smooth and is protected from dirt and sand ingress so it doesn't get jammed up - the mechanism utilises a sealed roller bearing to prevent this. We've had this bipod out on test with active military in desert environments and they come back covered in sand but working perfectly. You really need to see it to appreciate it. 

The Evolution Carbon Fiber Bipod is packed with useful features such as a smooth pan and tilt (cant) mechanism, adjustable leg length, and easy locking systems. This combination of practical design and lightweight materials makes it one of the best rifle bipods for extreme mountain hunting and big game hunting.

 Evolution Bipod

Evolution Bipod

  1. Tier One Tactical Carbon Fiber Bipod: Versatility and Stability

The Tier One Tactical Carbon Fiber Bipod is designed for hunters who prioritize versatility and stability in a bipod. Made from high-quality carbon fiber, it offers strength and durability while maintaining a lightweight design. The Tactical Carbon Fiber Bipod provides a stable shooting platform for long-range shots, making it the best hunting bipod for extreme mountain conditions.

This bipod features adjustable leg length, pan and tilt (cant), and an easy-to-use locking mechanism. The integrated Picatinny rail mount ensures compatibility with a wide range of rifles, making it an excellent addition to your hunting gear.

tactical bipod mountain

Tactical Bipod

  1. Harris Bipod: A Classic Choice

The Harris Bipod is a classic choice for hunters who appreciate a well-built, time-tested design. Known for its durability and ease of use, the Harris Bipod offers a stable shooting platform for hunters in various conditions.

While the Harris Bipod is a reliable choice, it lacks the advanced features and lightweight construction of the Tier One ATAC, Evolution, and Tactical Carbon Fiber Bipods. For extreme mountain hunting and big game hunting, we recommend opting for one of the Tier One models for their superior materials, versatility, and stability.


When it comes to finding the best bipod for hunting, the ATAC Bipod by Tier One stands out as the top choice. Its incredible strength-to-weight ratio, versatile design, and unmatched stability make it the perfect companion for extreme mountain hunting and big game hunting.

The other bipods featured on this list, including the Tier One Evolution Carbon Fiber Bipod and the Tier One Tactical Carbon Fiber Bipod, are also excellent options for hunters who value lightweight and durable designs. These bipods offer superior stability and versatility, ensuring that you have the support you need for those critical long-range shots.

While the Harris Bipod is a classic option for many hunters, it falls short when compared to the Tier One products in terms of advanced features and lightweight construction - but that's because it's been around for a hell of a long time, and the format does work. For the best experience in extreme mountain hunting and big game hunting though, we recommend opting for a Tier One bipod.

Ultimately, selecting the right bipod is crucial for the success of your hunting adventures. The ATAC Bipod by Tier One, along with the other Tier One models featured on this list, are designed with the challenges of extreme mountain and big game hunting in mind. Their exceptional strength-to-weight ratios, versatile features, and superior stability make them the best choices for hunters seeking reliable and high-performing bipods.

Conclusion: Key Points

  • Top choice: ATAC Bipod by Tier One (strength-to-weight ratio, versatile design, stability)
  • Other excellent options: Tier One Evolution Carbon Fiber Bipod and Tier One Tactical Carbon Fiber Bipod (lightweight, durable, advanced features)
  • Classic choice: Harris Bipod (reliable but lacks advanced features and lightweight construction)
  • ATAC Bipod: best bipod for extreme mountain hunting and big game hunting in 2023

Visit to explore these outstanding bipods and elevate your hunting experience in 2023. No matter the terrain or the game you pursue, you'll find the perfect bipod to make sure all your hard work comes to fruition. Happy hunting!

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