Podcast 3. Nick Bazzone // PRS Training & Tips from a US Marine Sniper

Feat. Nick Bazzone, competitive shooter and SNCOIC at the US Marines Mountain Sniper School. 

Covering, in order:

  • Wind readings - using mirages, reading the landscape
  • Getting started in PRS - what is it, how does it work, what rifle should you start with?
  • The weight issue...is not an issue
  • How does Nick train for PRS match performance? 
  • Isolating training (not kung flu isolation)
  • The perils of mountain training...keep your gear under positive control!!
  • Practising smooth transitions
  • To dial or not to dial
  • You do not have to be fit for PRS (but it helps)
  • Paper drills - timing it - How important is muscle memory in PRS?
  • The 3 things you must know when you step up to the stage
  • Train ups - what they entail
  • What's the future of PRS?
  • Words to live by

Instagram: www.instagram.com/nick.bazzone

web: www.tier-one-usa.com 


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