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Evolution Bipod Review

Our friend Rex at RexReviews checks out the Evolution Tactical Bipod in a preview video right here. Big thanks to Rex, and hope you enjoy!

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Full transcript of the audio below:


Howdy guys, Rex here.

Tier one bipod, this is from Tier One USA is the name of the website, they’re actually made in England, this is a new model, or at least new to me. One I had not seen yet so we’ll check it out. 

The idea here is I like lightweight equipment for certain applications, take a look at this super lightweight axial precision rifle, it’s got a carbon fibre proof research barrel, 6.5 creedmoor, the sock, this is axial’s own proprietary carbon fiber shell stock with their fill in it that’s really really lightweight so it weighs like a feather.

That stuff is nice when you’re doing any kind of kinetic applications, hunting, tactical, stuff like that. Ounces make pounds very quickly and equipment just cumulatively being lighter is a nice feature.

Tier One is something that has established a reputation so far for being very good quality, I know that like a lot of the British special forces have been fielding these on some of their rifles, I’ve seen it. Least that’s what I’ve seen.

Packaging is always pretty nice. Ok so this design goes on a picatinny, and we have our quick detach throw level here, ok.

This kind of works like an american precision or american defence like cantilever, throw level deal. And then these legs they just fold straight down and then they’re locked, so we’ve got that locked in there.

Then we have cant, and the cant we can adjust this here, and lock it up and we can loosen it up a little bit, and we have a certain amount of cant here. That’s nice to have tensions in here, you press the button to refold the legs.

So you gotta push the button, now there’s a decent amount of smooth, high quality friction, ok? Friction is good if it’s smooth, in my opinion, in terms of keeping things consistent, now this was kind of built specifically with accuracy in mind, from what I’ve read on the websites, ok.

And the idea here is they wanted stuff that’s very tightly made so that the internal ballistic anomalies that you have happening when the rifle is reverberating on your recoil before the bullet actually exits are minimised.

So that’s why the Harris design with the spring actually yworks pretty darn good, because the spring kind of tensions everything.

This is just built kind of tight, and so let’s see and you can see the uh, stance, this you have your picatinny down here so that the legs are actually coming up towards the axis of the bore and the barrel of the rifle and you get a lot more stability although the angle of this isn’t as wide as some models, um, but it certainly is pretty stout. 

I mean, carbon fiber is pretty tough stuff, let’s actually see how tough this deal is, ok so I’m gonna put this down, and I’m trying to get flex out of it.

This is why, this is like exponentially less flex and a lot stiffer than a Harris, that’s for darn sure, and it weighs very little.

They are a little pricey, compared to like a standard bipod but carbon fiber isn't cheap, especially for good stuff, and lightweight components like this is not super cheap. Let’s take a look at what they have in the bag here for accessories, I believe they have some different kinds of feet in here.

So we have some spike feet, some very pointy carbide tips for different foot preferences for different bipods. Actually I like skids, this is not a bad idea, skids are good for different environments.

We’ll give it a try and see how it is out in the field. Then of course you have the rubber legs which are very standard and then we have a throw level, which looks like probably threaded for right here so you can just replace that lower profile deal with this if you want a quick, hand-tightenable for a little more leverage. You can really get a nice tight throw on that. 

Again what’s impressive about this is the rigidity. For being as lightweight as it is, I’ve got pretty strong wrists guys, I’m twisting it, trying to get it to flex with the legs fully extended, yeah, that’s pretty darn tough, that’s gonna work.

Let's see if this still works. We’re still in business man, I didn’t break it! I should quantify how much am I twisting on this, it’s a lot!

One thing I was good at was a mercy, you ever played mercy? So this bipod ain’t gonna give me any mercy.

Yeah it’s very rigid, is as best as I can explain it, at least qualitatively.

Alright guys, check it out, Tier One USA, expect to see a lot more of this as we go ahead and find a weapon to marry it to. Alright guys catch you on the flip side. 

You can find the Evolution Tactical Bipod on our website right here: Click to Shop

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