Why the Best Scope Rings Will Always Prevail in a Gunfight


Author: Jeff Edwards 

Now, you may think it a bit absurd to insinuate that a scope ring bears any weight in a gunfight.

There is some truth to that as the battlefields of wars long past are not littered with men lamenting that if they only had the proper scope ring, that they would be alive today.

No, there are many factors that influence the outcome of a gunfight and the proper scope ring would not rank high above them.

However, scope rings matter a great deal when you consider that the average citizen far removed from war is likely to encounter perhaps one gunfight in their life, if even that.

Law enforcement officers can patrol the streets of America for 30 years and never so much as pull the trigger once in their entire career.

The first time you have to pull the trigger in the defense of yourself or those you love will likely be the only time, but please consider that gunfights are notoriously unkind to the second place finisher.

In that regard, there is no detail too small or factor to ignore in a firefight.

So let’s bring a little life to the conversation about scope rings and make sure you have the right one in place when it matters most. 

Confidence in Your Rifle Rests in the Details

When I was obligated to pull the trigger for the first-time in Iraq with the United States Marine Corps, there was never any question as to whether my M16-A2 service rifle would perform.

Six years of training with it, sleeping beside it, and cleaning it for hours on end, I was supremely confident in the rifle, because there was not a single detail of which I was unfamiliar.

If you can harken back to the famed Rifleman’s Creed you can recall the phrase, “This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.” 

Since our inception in 2008, Tier One has catered to the shooter who lives and abides by that creed.

Scope rings can be found around the world, but precision 5-axis machined firearm accessories are more rare.

Shooters who care about the details purchase from Tier One and perhaps that is why we are blessed to call the British Special Forces one of our finest customers.

One’s confidence in their rifle rests in the knowledge that no detail was overlooked prior to pulling the trigger. 

A 40mm scope ring might seem like an obscure detail over which to obsess, but remember that the Rifleman’s Creed also states that

“My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.”

Mastery presupposes a total and comprehensive state of control over oneself and one’s rifle.

The level of confidence I had in my service rifle is why the AR and its variants are my weapons of choice in civilian life.

There are a host of excellent weapons from which to choose, such as the AK, but I put my life in the hands of the rifle I know best. 

35mm Scope Rings, 40mm Scope Rings, or Good Old Iron Sights

The one adaptation I did have to make when I began shooting recreationally versus for national defense was the embrace of optics themselves.

I served in the Marine Corps as an Infantryman from 1997 to 2003 and during that era, iron sights were the order of the day.

During my deployment in 2003, optics were just now hitting the squad level and it was most often designated to one specific marksman.

So there was a part of my old and grizzled soul that scoffed when I saw optics on every rifle as the Global Wars on Terror picked up and dragged on.

However, upon further reflection, I realized that what was happening was a combat informed decision. 

Adding optics to rifles was not some decision drawn up in a lab.

Rather, it was the sum of experiences born out of the streets of Fallujah and the valleys of Afghanistan.

There were lessons about target acquisition and fire accuracy that proved their worth when it mattered most.

So alas, though no longer in uniform, I relented and allowed the world of optics a proper place in my shooting experience.

I have to say, the military was right.

Optics, if done right, make a huge difference.

Choosing the right scope ring was less about size, which is why choosing between a 35mm scope ring or 40mm scope ring is merely a technical decision driven by the choice of optics.

However, the quality and the craftsmanship mattered greatly.

Combat is hard on a rifle and a weak scope ring is an unnecessary liability.

The scope ring had to be as durable as the rifle and the optic or else I might as well return to my beloved iron sights.

For proper training, I still teach my kids to shoot with iron sights as I think it is an essential part of the shooting experience.

However, the future of shooting rests in the advancement of optics and as such, the scope ring will always play a pivotal role in that future. 

Gunfights Come in All Shapes and Sizes 

As we mentioned earlier, a gunfight in civilian life is a remarkable rare event. Just one that when it does occur, you don’t want to find yourself unprepared.

However, the truth is that gunfights come in all shapes and sizes.

When you find a prized buck in your sights on a cold fall morning, you are actually in a gunfight.

Just one for which the deer is woefully unprepared.

When you are at the range with a buddy and the worst shooter is responsible for the beer afterwards, you are in a gunfight of a different sort.

If the year 2020 has taught us anything, it is the fact that we must be prepared for a gunfight to come in all shapes and sizes. 

It could be driven by food insecurity and supply shortages due to a global pandemic.

One could find themselves on the opposite end of an angry mob during an instance of civil unrest.

Let’s not also forget that the United States government acknowledged the existence of UFOs this year.

From an angry mob looking to hoard toilet paper to a pending alien invasion, 2020 has given us every reason to be prepared for a gunfight of any size and every variety.

Confidence in every aspect of your weapon is the key to navigating these troubled waters successfully.

That includes your scope rings, no matter how small a matter you may consider them. 

We offer lifetime warranties on all of our products, because we have that much confidence in them and we want to give you that confidence as well.

To be honest, given that it is your life on the line, you would do well to second guess any firearm accessory that manufacturers are not willing to guarantee.

More specifically, the best product and the best firearm is always the one in which you have the most confidence.

If you find that comfort and confidence in our products and scope rings, that’s great and we are honored to serve you.

Just be sure that wherever you shop for your firearms accessories, that you emerge with that confidence in hand.

So don’t forget to check out the rest of our premium firearm accessories and remember, the trophy for 2nd place in a gunfight often comes with a toe tag and a long dirt nap.

So train often and be ready for the day that most people dread. 


About the author:

Jeff Edwards is a United States Marine veteran of Iraq who served as an infantryman during the early days of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. In addition to being a lover of the 2nd Amendment he runs the blog UnprecedentedMediocrity.com and regularly contributes the written word as a freelance writer and blogger. 

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